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We are a company focused on traditional values. We manufacture our SEN liquors by hand and look after every stage of production – all in order to stimulate your senses with original liquor of the highest quality.




For fans of deep flavour liquors.

The warming taste of this black cherry liquor will engage your senses and the flavour of marzipan will make every sip unforgettable. At first Sen Deep Noir has a sweet almond taste, then a subtle cherry flavour, and finally a distinct flavour of nuts.


For connoisseurs of sophisticated liquors.

The refreshing fruit flavour of cornelian cherry will invigorate and stimulate you. Fresh raspberry aroma mixed with deep flavour of figs and tangerines is what makes every sip of Sen Heavy Wood so remarkable.

Fresh fruit

Black cherry

Freshly picked black cherries are sour, but once processed they will surprise you with marzipan flavour – more and more with each day. Each of these black pearls is hand­picked and carefully selected. We use only the most exquisite cherries that give the liquor its rich flavour.

Cornelian cherry

Red cornelian cherries taste sour and conceal a single large seed inside. They are fully ripe when they start falling off the tree. This is when we pick and clean them, and later select the juiciest fruit. Full taste and aroma of the liquors are achieved during the process of slow maceration and maturing.


From picking fruit to filling bottles we do everything by hand. We watch over every stage of the manufacturing process with utmost care. Every batch of liquor may differ slightly in flavour, depending on the kind of fruit, temperature and season of maceration. This is why on every bottle there is a batch number which certifies the originality of each liquor.

  • The recipe of SEN liquor is the brainchild of Krzysztof Jarzabek. Krzysztof, MD Phd, is a doctor specialised in general surgery with more than 40 years of experience. Besides his calling to save people’s lives, his other hobbies always have been traveling, dogs and making homemade liquor. Krzysztof’s liquor has been probably tested all around the world thank to his two sons that as international students and later work professionals always had several bottles at hand to surprise and treat their friends and colleagues with something unique.

  • Czarek’s interest in making the brand out of his farther’s liquor came to life when he could not get a bad review while sharing the drink with friends at university (Warsaw School of Economic, Kellog Management School) and work in Poland and USA. The lack of bad opinions among friends made him believe there is a market for a strong Polish liquor based on Polish traditional recipe. Czarek is a CEO and co-owner of international real estate development company Golub Gethouse where he realizes himself in creating up market residential and commercial buildings in Warsaw.

  • Grzegorz is the youngest of all. He again revalidated the liking for SEN among friends while studying in Warsaw School of Economics, ESCP and Harvard Business School. Having done all this empiric research among different nationals and generations, he is passionate about his father’s craft liquor and doing something from scratch. As professional, Grzegorz is a credit trader and entrepreneur. He lives in London and his hobbies is finance, start-ups and football.



The moment when we know that the fruit are ripe for picking, the moment when the tincture is ready for maturing. The moment when we inscribe the batch number and the moment when we carefully prepare it for dispatch. Many unique moments are combined to stimulate your senses at the very moment you find special. We are glad that to be a part of the process and make every moment truly special.

We recommend drinking SEN cold. Its taste fits every unique moment of yours. Indulge in it by drinking it slowly in a glass at home or restaurant. You can also drink it fast in shots in a club with friends or sip it mixed in a cocktail to discover new tastes.


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